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Tailored towards young music beginners, the Li’l Seeds & Beansprouts programme aims to provide children with a positive learning experience and a strong foundational understanding of music. Conducted in the form of engaging music workshops and fun musicianship lessons, the classes will feature evolving themes to inspire free-form creativity and expression. This approach aims to introduce young learners to various music genres in a dynamic and interactive manner.

Suitable for 3-8 year olds

Duration: 10 sessions per term, 45 minutes per session 

Schedule: Sundays

Fees: $450 per term

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Li'l Seeds

Introduce your little ones, aged 3 to 5, to the magic of music. Through play and sensory experiences, our classes build a foundation for a lifelong love of music.

Parents and carers are strongly encouraged to join the classes when they are available to enhance their child's musical journey further and strengthen the caregiver-child bond.


Li'l Beansprouts

Unleash the musical potential in your 6 to 8-year-olds with our structured yet dynamic classes. Designed for young minds, our engaging activities foster a love for music while enhancing cognitive and creative skills.

Class Size

Classes will maintain a maximum size of 12 students, fostering a conducive environment for focused individual attention and guaranteeing that every child has the opportunity to actively participate in the learning experience. In the situation where each pupil is accompanied by a parent or carer in our Seeds classes, the classroom will accommodate a maximum of 24 participants.

Main Learning Outcomes

Each lesson will emphasise these key learning objectives, designed to provide students with solid music fundmentals.

Note that our Beansprouts classes will offer slightly more advanced content, ensuring lessons are finely tuned to the unique developmental stage of our pupils.

Rhythm and Movement

• Development of a sense of rhythm through movement and dance
• Dalcroze Method: Clapping, tapping, or stomping in time with music
• Introduction to note lengths and rhythmic patterns (Kodaly) at later stages

Pitch Discrimination

• Recognition of high and low pitches in music and songs.
• Exploration of vocal range through singing and vocal play.
• Introduction to solfege (Kodaly) and then note recognition at later stages.

Listening Skills

• Improved attentiveness to music and sounds.
• Responding to auditory cues in the music class.

Musical Concepts

• Introduction to basic musical concepts like loud and soft, fast and slow.
• Exploring dynamics and tempo in music.

Sense of Ensemble

• Creating music collectively through activities like clapping together or singing in unison.
• Foster teamwork and a sense of belonging.

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