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prep for abrsm music theory

Beginner to grade 3
Embark on Your Musical Journey: Mastering the Basics

Suitable for: Beginners and young learners starting their musical education.


Core Content: Introduction to the fundamentals of music theory, including note reading, rhythm, basic intervals, triads and scales.


Assessment Style: Gentle introduction to ABRSM examination format, focusing on foundational knowledge.


• Builds a strong foundation in music theory, essential for further musical education.


• Encourages a deep appreciation and understanding of music from the very beginning.


• Prepares students for a smooth transition to higher grades.


1.5 hrs x 10 sessions

No Prerequisite

Grade 4 to 5
Elevate Your Musical Knowledge: Intermediate Theory

Suitable for: Students who have mastered the basics and are ready to delve deeper.


Core Content: Expands on basic theory, introducing intermediate concepts like complex rhythms, scales, key signatures, transposition, chord progressions and basic principles of musical forms and terms


Assessment Style: Intermediate-level exams designed to challenge and enhance understanding.


• Bridges the gap between basic understanding and advanced theory.


• Equips students with the skills needed for complex musical pieces and performances.


• Fosters a comprehensive understanding of music theory, enhancing overall musicality.


1.5 hrs x 15 sessions

Grade 6 to 8
Achieve Theoretical Excellence: Advanced Music Theory 

Suitable for: Advanced students aiming for high-level theory mastery.


Core Content: In-depth study of advanced topics like harmonic analysis, composition techniques, musical forms, structures and music history.


Assessment Style: Rigorous exams testing comprehensive knowledge and application of advanced theory.


• Prepares students for professional or academic pursuits in music.


• Cultivates an expert level of music theory knowledge and application.


• Encourages an analytical and deeper understanding of complex musical compositions.

1.5 hrs x 20 sessions


Prerequisite: ABRSM Grade 5 theory

Prerequisite: ABRSM Grade 3 theory



Germaine Goh

Germaine Goh, a rising Singaporean composer and arranger, is acclaimed for her “whimsical, warm, and sensitive” style (The Straits Times, 2023). She is noted for her unique sound and diverse artistic endeavours, contributing to to various ensembles like the re:Sound Chamber Orchestra and the Jazz Association of Singapore Orchestra and engaging in multidisciplinary projects including film and musicals.

Additionally, Germaine is a dedicated music educator with rich experience teaching in MOE schools. She also currently serves as Accompanist-in-Residence at Tanglin Trust School and runs a Music Theory Club which prepares students for music theory exams. Germaine holds a first-class honours degree in Music Composition and Arrangement from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, mentored by Belinda Foo and Felix Phang.

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