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Band Academy Singapore (B.A.S) Ensembles

Embark on an invigorating journey through our structured band courses, meticulously crafted to cater to musicians at varying stages of their artistic development. With three tailored ensembles, each course is designed to refine technique, foster musicality, and cultivate a deep appreciation for collaborative performance.

Duration: 10 sessions per term, 2- 2.5 hours per session 

Schedule: Saturdays

Fees: $600 per term


Ensemble Programmes


Junior Ensemble
"Foundations and First Forte"

Our Junior Ensemble course is a vibrant foray into the world of band music for those with one to two years of experience. Here, burgeoning musicians will enhance their foundational skills through a repertoire that challenges and excites. In this ensemble, members will:

  • Master basic rhythms and melodies integral to band performance.

  • Develop aural skills through ensemble tuning and group dynamics.

  • Engage in elementary music theory to deepen their understanding of what they play.

  • Experience the thrill of their first collective performances, learning the value of each instrumental role within a supportive group setting.


Intermediate Ensemble
"Expanding Horizons"

The Intermediate Ensemble course invites members with three to four years of experience to broaden their musical horizons. As part of this ensemble, students will:

  • Delve into a more complex repertoire, perfecting pieces that demand advanced technical skills.

  • Explore genre diversity, playing works from classical to contemporary, learning to adapt their style accordingly.

  • Enhance ensemble communication, with a focus on conducting cues and performance subtleties.

  • Take part in targeted workshops that work on sectional leadership and collaborative competence.


Advanced Ensemble
"Peak Horizons"

Designed for members with over four years of experience, the Advanced Ensemble represents the pinnacle of our band course offerings. Participants will be immersed in a challenging and rewarding environment, where they will:

  • Tackle intricate scores requiring sophisticated musical understanding and technical prowess.

  • Enjoy opportunities to perform as soloists and in small chamber groups, encouraging individual excellence within the framework of ensemble play.

  • Participate in masterclasses with guest artists, receiving personalized instruction and industry insights.

  • Perform in prestigious venues and competitions, showcasing their talents and representing the zenith of our program's training.

Placement Auditions 

Sign up to be a part of BAS ensembles. Placement auditions are still happening now!

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