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Embark on a musical adventure with our Pets and Bones class, where young children delve into the enchanting world of trumpets and trombones! This lively and engaging program is crafted to captivate your child's imagination and foster a deep love for music through playful learning and creative exploration.


The programme is designed to engage children in a progressive learning experience, setting a solid foundation for future musical training.

Suitable for 6-9 year olds

Duration: 10 sessions per term, 60 minutes per session 

Schedule: Sundays

Fees: $450 per term


Learning Outcomes


Vibrant Learning Journey

Step into our musical playground where each session is a discovery of new sounds and skills! Children will not only learn to play brass instruments but also experience the joy of creating music with friends.


Fun with Buzzing

Imagine making music with buzzing sounds like a bee! Kids will master the essential technique of buzzing with their lips, which is fundamental to producing the beautiful, bold sounds of brass instruments.


Breath Games

Through fun-filled activities, children will learn how to control their breath—imagine trying to keep a feather in the air just by blowing! This skill is crucial for playing longer notes and performing enchanting musical pieces.


Slide Adventures 

Each slide on the trombone can be a new adventure! Children will learn how moving the slide changes the pitch, playing different notes as if they are exploring a musical treasure map.


Thematic Musical Explorations

Safari Adventure
Lesson: Duration
Style: African


Space Mission
Lesson: Tempo
Style: Electro Funk


Down on the Farm
Lesson: Texture
Style: Country


and many more!

Join Us

Hop on board for our fun-filled children's programme!

Illustrated Musical Instruments

pets & bones


Build Lifelong Skills

Beyond music, children enhance fine motor skills, improve cognitive functions, and boost their creativity. Each lesson is designed to be more than just learning an instrument—it's about growing, discovering, and having a blast!


Through Music

Performing and practicing in a supportive environment nurtures your child's confidence and discipline. Watch them beam with pride as they master new musical skills each day!


A Gateway to Musical Passion

Our course is the perfect stepping stone for future musical pursuits. Whether your child dreams of becoming a concert musician or simply enjoys the fun of making music, Pets and Bones sets the stage for a lifelong journey of musical exploration.

Join us now
on this Musical Adventure!

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